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Do you want to add an electronic medical record (EMR) solution to your program? Designed with educators and students in mind. Choice Learning Inc. leads the pack in innovation with EMR classroom solutions!

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21st Century Skills

Choice Learning solutions are designed for 21st century learning in the classroom. Our vision is to empower every student to achieve more and our solutions are designed to create better learning outcomes.

Equity & Empowerment

Universal access to an electronic medical record (EMR) learning solution is essential, as technology compliments the learning experience in the classroom.

Personalized Learning

We build tools that teachers and students tailored to drive better outcomes in the classroom. From an electronic medical record to real life scenarios, there’s something for every type of classroom.


“A really great idea and awesome software to create a working environment in the classroom. Truly a great combination of training for the real world office.”

Dorothy G., Medical Office Administration Student

“I took this course to upgrade my skills as an office admin.  I would recommend looking for a college that has an electronic medical record (EMR) component in their program.”

Amanda S., Medical Office Administration Student

“Learning how to use an electronic medical record (EMR) was a great experience I learned a lot.”

Amanda S., Medical Office Administration Student

“The first portion of our EMR course has been completed.  The students have really enjoyed using it.  It was very exciting to be able to roll out this program to the students this term. The students truly enjoyed it, and I look forward to using it again next year.”


 “I was wondering if you offer your medical admin students co-ops at physician’s offices with the possibility of hiring after graduation? I am looking for someone to start in January/February to learn our computer system (Accuro) and help out within our busy office.”


“I’m getting EMR because it’s the future. Either I’m going to quit practice now or I’m going to stay current, and I’m getting it. It’s fair to my patients because having one is a best practice, and someday I would like to get another doctor to come into my practice. I won’t be able to attract them without the EMR.”


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