EMR/EHR Simulations for postsecondary students

Choice Learning offers a real work simulation for students using industry software that’s as real as working in a doctor’s office, physiotherapy clinic, or urgent care setting Add immediate experience to your student’s resume, while packing value into your college or university syllabus. Having been a college instructor myself, I understand the importance for constant improvement and updating to course development. I know how limited the time we have in each course is, with so much we need to teach our students. That’s why I knew I needed to create Choice Learning. We have been collaborating with instructors across the country for over a decade to fine tune, (to the hour), how long each lesson takes. This will assist you in piecing your perfect syllabus together for a turnkey semester. We love helping new instructors by taking their course outline and turning it into a syllabus that excites them and their students, pulls in all the content they need and more, and fitting it into the time they have.

“Your program is so helpful to the students, and I have loved simulating real life scenarios for my students utilizing it. It was great to work with you during my first two semesters teaching.”

Juanita DeCastro Professor, Office Administration-Health Services George Brown College

Choice Learning believes we can save time that is needed for patient care and improve patient outcomes by teaching students how to document in, and efficiently use EMR/EHR systems. Health care providers can find life-saving patient information if students are taught well and practice how to document and file accurately in these systems. Our goal is to have superstar administrative team members and nurses who can assist physicians in using these complex systems. This will allow physicians to spend more hands-on time with their patients, decrease wait times, and be able to see more patients in a day.

“You are making great leaps with the software use to promote experiential learning that is relevant to students and promotes the necessary skills to apply the flow of patient information within a clinical office environment.”

Cindy Agnoletto Coordinator/Professor, Office Administration Programs Niagara College

We keep adding software vendors to our portfolio to meet the changing needs of the health industry today. Valued features of this are:
  • Instructional documents and videos for all EMR/EHR software (created by Choice Learning for classroom use).
  • Customizable curriculum that can be used over multiple courses.
  • Use all of the software and modules, or just use some (mix and match). Take modules and easily add them to your syllabus.
  • Markable – all students’ work can be marked to earn a grade towards credit courses.
  • The industry software used in our training includes: Accuro, Jane, and Ocean.

“I just wanted to say what great work you guys are doing and how excited I am about Jane coming to Choice!”

Amanda Bowdridge Instructor, Health Administrative Studies Bow Valley College

We would love for you to have a look at something we have created. Here is a link to a free module with a training video. Click here for your copy: https://choicelearning.ca/product/free-ohip-training-package/ Students and instructors tell us that the quality of our curriculum and resources, our technical support and guidance, and the glowing student feedback they receive throughout the semester, makes all the difference and that makes us want to give more. Exciting news!!! Two new vendors are joining us this winter. Follow our blog for updates: https://choicelearning.ca/blogs/.

“The resources and support for this software are amazing!! I am so thankful for your help and support.”

Kayla Carnegie Professor, Office Administration Health Services St. Clair College

“Thank you, Laura. It’s always such a pleasure to work with you.”

Stacy Watson Professor, School of Business St. Lawrence College

“Our Spring/Summer students really enjoyed using Accuro. I am really happy we are able to offer this software experience to our students. Laura, I cannot thank you enough for all your help this term. I look forward to working with you going forward.”

Linda Strickland-Short Professor and Acting Program Coordinator, Office Administration-Health Services Seneca College

Visit our Blogs page: https://choicelearning.ca/blogs/ Laura Keast President, Choice Learning Inc
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