College EMR Training Reimagined

Choice EMR Learning has developed a business case document that outlines why EMR education and simulation-based training is important.

  • Active learning versus being an observer is why graduates can reliably demonstrate skills
  • Enhances student success
  • Simulation training allows students the platform to make mistakes that can be corrected and learned from first-hand.
  • When you mirror reality for a student, they can better understand. The learning becomes sustainable and measurable. Active learning is conclusively better and exceeds an identified economic and societal need.
  • Simulation-based training is helping to alleviate workforce shortages in healthcare. Health workforce stats released in 2023 show an upward trend in unintentional patient harm and healthcare worker burnout.
  • The Government of Canada recommends, among other things, that additional education and training be added for healthcare professionals working in fields where existing programs are unable to address the workforce shortages.
  • Students benefit from having access and exposure to multiple industry EMR vendors, which only Choice EMR Learning offers. Vendors are QHR Technologies (Accuro), Jane (Jane App), CognisantMD (Ocean), and WaiveTheWait.
  • Medical simulation tasks for patients to be used with provided EMR software and workbook meet a Ministry-mandated health records management systems training.
  • Ongoing instructor training and webinars with other colleges using the simulation related to the workbook materials.

Are your college goals to increase your program enrollment? To provide innovative and modern educational opportunities to meet the evolving needs of students? To prepare skilled, career-ready graduates?

Ask us for the full business case:

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