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Who We Are

We are a Canadian educational electronic medical record simulation company advancing learners on their path to career success. The simulation training is an exact replication of a doctor’s office while allowing a shared, centralized database to be used for graded work.

Most EMR products come with similar features and functions, but where we differ is in our service package for colleges. How we can deliver on this? Our founder has worked at the college level and understands its complexities. Our simulation is a full package inclusive of a workbook, training guides, and videos developed for the classroom.

The Early Years

The founder brings a blend of experience as a college instructor and an EMR implementation analyst. Through referrals, our initiative expanded to include two, and subsequently four, locations, and beyond. Our collaboration extended to collaborating on a Pearson Canada textbook when we worked with a trusted author whom our founder had prior experience. We established an accessible license platform, lasting for a single edition of the book. Although Choice EMR Learning opted not to continue this approach for other book editions, ongoing discussions with the author involve exploring future possibilities to collaborate again.

The Current Company

Through building strong relationships with vendors, education institutions, and students, Choice EMR Learning is the creator of a unique solution that allows industry EMR technology to be used for education. Our comprehensive approach encompasses content creation, support services, and software management, providing an all-in-one solution never seen before. 

Future Growth

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare, staying stagnant is not an option. Upgrading skills is essential for career growth and providing the best possible care to patients.
Electronic medical records are the future of healthcare, revolutionizing how we manage, store, and utilize health information. They streamline administrative processes, improve communication, ensure compliance, and empower healthcare organizations to deliver better patient care. As technology changes, you can count on Choice EMR Learning to stay ahead of the curve and provide your classrooms with the best curriculum content. Learn more about our college curriculum here.

The Choice EMR Learning Team

Laura Keast

President & Founder

Laura is a simulationist, educator, and faculty developer with a combined background as a college instructor and EMR systems analyst in Canada.  This expertise provided an ideal opportunity to develop an electronic medical record simulation that provides advancement to college health programs and aids instructors to excel at teaching key health technologies improving student graduate success. Laura provides training that brings confidence to students and makes a difference in those students’ lives with these employable skills. Laura is passionate about continuing to provide opportunities to invest in people and find ways to give back to our healthcare system. Laura loves watching her kids live their best lives, creating a strong legacy, and investing in her own personal development.

Yvonne Carothers


Yvonne is an experienced and professional virtual administrator with many years of experience in customer service and administration. Yvonne values building long-term, quality relationships with clients and customers. She values integrity, honesty, and efficiency. Yvonne believes superior customer service starts with listening and is approachable and down to earth. In her spare time, Yvonne’s passions are travel, gardening, and her grandchildren.

Cindy Marie Oira

Customer Care Support

Cindy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse Practitioner. Cindy also has 11 years of experience as an online freelancer. Cindy finds joy and fulfillment by using her experience to provide students with complete satisfaction and a solution to any issue. She also contributes to building on course updates and suggesting new content to include for our students. Cindy loves to travel, immerse herself in beautiful scenery, and enjoy good food in the company of her family and friends.

April Daloga-og

Customer Care Support

April is well-educated in the medical field, holding a Bachelor’s Degree and is a licensed Radiology Technologist. April also exhibits her administrative skills having worked as an online freelancer for 12 years. April thrives on helping make a difference in our students’ lives by doing everything possible to resolve any issues and making sure each student feels valued. April lives her life with great zest and always has a smile on her face. When she is not working her hobbies include photography and crochet.

Johana Miraflor

Customer Care Support

Johana has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse. Johana is very skilled at doing administrative tasks and has developed a passion for excellence and a can-do attitude. Her goal is to provide unparalleled support, ensuring each student’s educational journey with Choice EMR Learning is seamless and fulfilling, continuously striving to be the best at what she does. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking for her friends and family.

Thess Bautista

Layout Artist

Despite having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Administration, Thess found her strengths in desktop publishing. She has worked in design for over 12 years now as a freelancer. Her enthusiasm for completing any kind of document layout is fulfilling, especially when she surpasses expectations. Thess spends her time outside work with her young family, reading, and travelling. 

David Mier

Video Producer

David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Engineering and Continuing Studies in Project Management.  David has more than 12 years of experience in audiovisual production, from video to music. His experience with producing educational content allows him to find the best way to produce a video and make it easy to understand and precise to hold the target audience’s attention. David enjoys listening to music, exercising regularly, and practicing Brazilian martial arts. He also has a career in voice-over and voice acting.

Building Inspiring Solutions

Creating custom solutions for your classroom.



Laura Keast and her team are delighted to support the following charities:

Provincial Dog Rehabilitation Centre
Ontario SPCA and Humane Society Spay/Neuter Services

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