Our online, Accuro EMR training course is accessible, affordable, and just at the right time for you. It can be taken at your own pace. 

Alberta billing bonus now available. Includes an e-certificate of completion!

This Accuro EMR training cloud-based course, uses the same training curriculum we developed and have been using in post-secondary institutes for the last 15 years so it is college approved. Your training includes audio files, workbook activities, walk-through video tutorials, PDF downloads, a certificate of completion, and more. We also provide check-in emails to keep you accountable, in case you need the extra nudge. You can scroll down to view the course outline and suggested 10-week timeline. Our technical support team is readily available to support you throughout your course. 

Why Choose the Accuro EMR Accelerator Course?

$ 495
  • No commute to campus for classes, it’s all online!
  • No extra costs for books or learning resources.
  • No waiting for enrollment or taking 4 months to complete the course (unless you want to!).
  • No previous training necessary.
  • Lifetime access to college approved updated training materials.
  • 10 Modules of hands-on learning practice within an in-demand industry software.
  • BONUS billing training modules included.
  • Return on your investment is guaranteed when you get hired for the position you have always wanted!


No matter your reason, the online Accuro EMR accelerator is the Accuro EMR training course you need. After completion, our students feel more confident in an interview and are job-ready in any health-related field. How do we know this? We asked them!

Are you looking to be hired for your dream job, but lack the skills listed in the job postings? 

When you complete our Accuro EMR accelerator course at your own pace, you can be assured of a guaranteed return on your investment by acquiring the skills required to secure a higher-paying job. Stay competitive, confidently apply to job postings, and start working in the position you have been waiting for. This simulation is a great way for international students to gain work experience.

An Accuro EMR training certificate of completion is received and can be added to your resume.

Are you looking to master a new skill quickly and efficiently? 

With the self-paced Accuro EMR accelerator you’ll receive resources for a suggested 10 weeks’ timeline to complete on-demand at your own availability. You are free to accelerate weeks to move through more quickly or take longer if you wish. 

We do provide a schedule to ensure you complete the right steps in the right order and  logically absorb new concepts as you go.


Are you already a casual user of EMR software and looking to keep your skills up to date with changing technology? 

The Accuro EMR training provides lifetime access to our training materials (note only the Accuro license expires after 1-year and we have extension options available as needed). That means as the resources are updated, you will also have access to the updated training materials to keep your skills current. 

Course Description:

A cloud-based course in practical EMR applications using the Accuro EMR software. Learners will be taken through self-directed activities in patient care using the #1 industry software. Topics include all functions of a health office professional’s role, such as: 

  • Patient entry 
  • Scheduling appointments  
  • Medical billing in compliance with provincial insurance plans 
  • Modules in Covid-19 billing and private billing are included 
  • Medical documentation and document import  
  • Messaging 
  • Tasks 
  • And more… 

Suggested Course Schedule:

Each topic takes the student approximately 3-5 hours to complete (total course estimate 40-50 hours).

  1. Set up and Log In
  2. Patient Registration
  3. Patient Scheduling
  4. Electronic Medical Records & Transcription
  5. Billing – OHIP, Private, Covid-19
  6. Cumulative Patient Profile
  7. Prescriptions
  8. Messaging
  9. Tasks
  10. Projects


"The course was easy to follow. I learned the functions of a medical office administrator through hands-on experience. The training met my expectations. I would recommend this training to a friend or colleague."
Maya Walters
Self-directed Accuro EMR course taker

No risk to you - why not try some of our EMR accelerator content for free now?

In this sample taken right from the Accuro EMR accelerator curriculum, you’ll find a comprehensive video tutorial guiding you through the OHIP billing procedures step-by-step. We also provide workbook practice activities and an answer key to compare and confirm your comprehension. 


The Accuro software license if valid for 1 year. There is an option for an extension should you need it.

Our learning content in Moodle is available for lifetime access. This includes all future course content updates. 

For the Accuro EMR accelerator course, a certificate of completion is granted. The practice activities are not graded by an instructor. You will receive a copy of the answer key for self-checking.

You can find the specific details here:

For Accuro: https://accuroemr.com/asp-system-requirements/


You do not need access to a printer or fax machine.


All access is cloud-based and available online.

We have email support that is provided Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST. There is telephone and screensharing support that can be provided if escalation is deemed required.

The time is NOW to accelerate your career with a small investment of time and $495. 

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