College Student, EMR Simulation

Accuro EMR Accelerator College-Direct:

  • Promotes experiential learning
  • Instructional documents and videos for all software created by Choice Learning for classroom use (Learning platform: Moodle)
  • The industry software used in our training includes: Accuro, Jane, and Ocean
  • Environments created and customized for each college 
  • All users, templates, and customized views are pre-loaded into your custom EMR platform
  • Providers (practitioners) in the EMR can also be customized to your needs
  • Users and providers are unique to every student 
  • Our EMR Accelerator is the only curriculum package available that is compliant with the Office Administration-Health Services Program Standard as set out by the MTCU (Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities) 
  • Graduates can meet the demands and priorities in a variety of health service environments 
  • Instructors can evaluate the student’s ability to administer health records, communicate in an electronic means, and convert draft information from electronic and paper sources into final-form documents and health service reports 
  • Our student setup ensures confidential patient scheduling completely independent from another student 
  • Patient lists can be used in a centralized database
  • Student resource centre
  • Instructor resource centre
  • EMR, task-driven workbook that ties into the patient lists
  • Unlimited training for your instructors
  • Unlimited technical support for students
  • Test bank
  • Answer keys: Updated annually
  • This is an example of a course outline and college that links to Choice Learning’s LMS to seamlessly point student’s to Choice Learning’s training videos, course supplements, assignments, tests, projects, and workbook. Example
Example 1: History taking, medication, and immunization record keeping
Example 2: Medical transcription proofreading, choosing a letterhead, and audio files for exercises
Example 3: Training and document folders used in electronic document filing

Jane EMR Accelerator College-Direct:

  • Training for office positions working for various allied health professionals such as: chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, counselling offices, or other positions such as PSW’s, pharmacy technicians, and medical lab technicians
  • Training topics include: patient forms, patient messaging, patient charting, and third party billing simulation using TELUS eClaims
  • Get hands-on experience using the Jane App for your students’s resume and they will be job ready
Example 1: Creating an intake form
Example 2: Submitting an eClaim using Telus

Ocean Patient Engagement Software:

  • Demonstration tied to our workbook projects
Example 1: Shortcut keys to Ocean using Accuro
Example 2: eReferrals
Example 3: Secure Messaging

Health Office EMR Accelerator Training Topics

1 ) Messaging and Tasks – Internal messaging and task assigning can produce permanent notes on the medical record for the patient and assign tasks to a specific health care provider or group to be completed.

2 ) Registration – Management of patient information including address, health card, clinical notes, next of kin, insurance details, care plan and more.

3 ) Scheduling – Create and manage patient appointments, reason for appointment, billing codes, location/room, and outstanding patient related tasks. Manage cancellations, no shows, and waitlists to maximize practice revenue.

4) Billing  For every patient appointment, apply codes for completed services to be billed to public provincial healthcare or to private billing parties. The fee amounts are updated in real time alongside industry updates as they happen.

5) Documents – Review and add patient documents including reports from other providers, radiological reports, lab results, and any other incoming health data from external sources.

6) Medical Records – Medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization records, allergies, radiological reports, lab results, creating and renewing prescriptions.

7) Cumulative Patient Profile – A patient profile is updated to account for factors such as: ongoing health conditions, past medical and surgical history, family history, allergies and adverse reactions, medication summary, risk factors, and medical alerts and special needs.

8) Prescriptions – The EMR tools help produce accurate prescriptions. The FDA database is updated in real time alongside industry updates as they happen. The system will allow you to demonstrate contraindications, adverse event reporting, patient allergies, and safe dose verification. 

9) Patient Forms and Patient Messaging – An intake form is created by the student and submitted to a patient via email. 

10) Third Party Billing Simulation – Using TELUS eClaims, students can add insurance information, submit claims, and receive an explanation of benefits.

11) Medical Transcription – Transcribing voice-recorded reports that have been dictated on a patient.

Examples: Cumulative Patient Profile, Medical Transcription, and Documents

Examples: Patient Forms and Third Party Billing Simulation

Examples: eReferrals and Secure Messaging

Nursing EMR Accelerator Training Topics

  • Charting SOAP notes​
  • Virtual charts ​
  • Medications​
  • Creating requisitions​
  • Uploading the nursing care plan ​
  • Electronic documentation​
  • Using tasks and messaging to communicate with the physician and other team members​
  • Encounter notes, documenting physical assessment, and history taking

Learning Tools

  • Convert forms to referral and consult letters​​
  • Trend patient labs and vitals​​
  • Medical document handling
  • Take advantage of the Accuro library of existing medical forms, or create, digitize, and edit your own

Example 1: Charting Physical Assessments and Creating Requisitions

Example 2: Creating a Nursing Care Plan

Example 3: History Taking, Medication, and Immunization Record Keeping

Dental EMR Accelerator Training Topics

  • Performing reception and clerical duties
  • ​​Scheduling and invoicing dental exams
  • Managing patient health history
  • Completing third-party insurance pre-determinations and claim forms (Jane)
    Third-party uninsured services (Accuro)
  • ​​Reviewing a computerized dental office management system
  • Students also learn to effectively communicate with clients/patients and other team members and develop excellent customer service skills

Example 1: Dental Charts

Example 2: Dental Xray Result

Pharmacy EMR Accelerator Training Topics

  • Providing experiential learning by using a live FDA database to input prescriptions​
  • Utilizing alerts for drug-to-drug interactions, patient allergies, and dosing errors​
  • Maintaining patient information, prescription, and drug inventory record-keeping​
  • Preparing and reconciling third-party insurance claims and records​

Patient Drug Allergy Warning

Health Information Management Training Topics

Using a Canadian industry version of an EMR like Accuro is key for analytics using diagnostic and procedure codes needed in preventative care coding.

Privacy and Security and Other Data

Audit Logs:

  • You can either audit a patient chart or audit the username.
  • Select the “date range” and “list results”.
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