Below you will find a collection of our most common questions for both our college curriculum content and our self-directed EMR accelerator course.

Choice EMR Learning FAQ's

We are a mock training provider.

We offer a managed EMR with program-specific templates and a learning platform that can be used in most college healthcare programs.

Choice Learning acts as resource as well as a content provider and software liaison. We ensure students have mock training that prepares them for the job force giving them an edge.

We want to see students find meaningful work in their chosen fields. Continuity of curriculum is assured.

We take the guesswork out of offering an EMR to students: Assignments and training materials are ready for you.

Supports asynchronous learning, in-person, and virtual learning models.

Pick and choose content to meet your program approval guidelines.

EMR is an acronym for Electronic Medical Record. It is a compilation of patient health information in a digital format.

More providers having access to a patient’s health history allows for more efficiency in healthcare. With EMRs, there is a greater likelihood for patients to receive the medical care they need and for a correct diagnosis to be made.

We help college students and instructors as well as individuals looking to update their EMR knowledge with hands-on training.

We offer an EMR simulation, with patients and scenarios students can practice on.

We provide a classroom solution for faculty with unlimited onboarding and training, with a workbook, training guides, videos, technical support and answer keys.

The simulation training is an exact replication of a doctor’s office while allowing a shared, centralized database to be used for graded work.

The key features of the simulation are:

  • Audio files of dictated chart notes
  • Employee-level access to industry versions of electronic medical record systems
  • Database can be shared by multiple program areas
  • Medical simulation tasks for patients to be used with provided EMR software and workbook
  • Ongoing instructor training related to the workbook materials
  • Training guides and videos to support the provided workbook
  • Patient lists for various demographic areas that are unique to each student
  • Test bank and answer keys
  • Instructors are set-up with audit trail capabilities for teaching and marking
  • Real-time FDB and provincial coding updates
  • Technical support

Learning an EMR can be overwhelming so I enjoy giving students the confidence they need with employable skills.

Also, being a former instructor myself I think the biggest problem instructors have is needing to learn multiple software platforms, often with little time for prep. So Choice EMR Learning helps save instructors time by focusing on providing quality onboarding, and teaching the instructors what they need to know to teach their students on what’s covered in the workbook.

I’m really passionate about making a difference in students’ lives and finding ways to give back to our healthcare system.

Our user-friendly training gives students the confidence and experience they need to work in a medical environment and a competitive edge in job interviews.

We choose to use highly recognizable certified EMR software vendors, which benefits students when listed on their resumes.

When students use the EMR software, they can make mistakes they can learn from, in a simulated environment, and their work can be graded. This will increase their chances of success when they go out into the workplace.

The EMR simulation helps colleges seamlessly offer training to their students without worrying about developing student-specific training materials and assignments. We look after updating curriculum materials and answer keys, saving faculty a huge amount of work.

I saw an opportunity to use my background as a college instructor, and an EMR systems analyst, to develop an EMR simulation that would help students get quality EMR training.

We help to alleviate the healthcare staffing crisis, increase efficiency in healthcare, and improve students’ lives by increasing their employment options.

The biggest misconception is that Choice EMR is a software company.

We are not a software company, but you could use the EMR software on your own but we believe you get a far better training experience for your students if you use our training package.

When you go to the doctor, you see them entering all the stuff they see about you and all the stuff you tell them about you, into the computer. The people at the doctor’s office didn’t always know how to use the computer for this. So we show people how to use it by letting them pretend they work in the doctor’s office to learn how it all works in a real to life way.

We offer a managed EMR with program-specific templates and a learning platform that can be used in most college healthcare programs.

Most EMR products come with similar features and functions, but where we differ is in our technical support and full learning simulation for colleges.

Choice EMR Learning’s curriculum meets or exceeds many health program standards set out by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and our full-service package is the only customizable and markable solution on the market today.

We have many success stories. We have had students let us know:

  • It’s user-friendly, easy to use, fun, and enjoyable to work with
  • It gave them confidence
  • It gave them an idea what the real job would be like
  • It gave them a competitive edge in a job interview and helped them find employment with a good salary
  • They received great technical support, highly rated

We have also heard from instructors that:

  • The resources and support were amazing!
  • It’s a five-star, user-friendly program.
  • Things were set up very well, and our team was very supportive.
  • It was so helpful to the students, and that they loved simulating real life scenarios for their students

Check out our website, there’s a lot of great information there:

While you are there you can click on the calendar to book a demo, call us, or follow our various social media links.

College Curriculum FAQ's

Accuro is subscription-based and is $225.00 per student.

Jane is only available as an add-on to existing customers subscribed to the Accuro EMR accelerator. Jane is subscription-based and is $95.00 per student.

The term of your agreement with Choice Learning shall commence upon the agreement date of your signed contract and renew annually on the anniversary date.  Upon expiration, the agreement shall automatically renew for successive one-year terms until written notice of non-renewal at least one hundred and eighty (180) days prior to the expiration of the current term is received. 

In some circumstances, there would be fees due if the semester has commenced and the EMR set up and licences have been issued. 

Requests for updates to the golden database should be submitted to Choice EMR Learning by August 1 of each year. Any update request should be sent via email to Updates to consider:
  • Do you require additional forms or documents to be added?
  • If yes, what are the forms or documents you require?

Citrix passwords change on September 1, January 1, and May 1. Please send your device name to receive the new password. Citrix passwords are changed as close to the beginning of the day the new password is to be implemented. Often this is the same day.

For returning students:

We require the college to send us a class list of returning students at the beginning of each semester, so we know who needs the new Citrix password.

We email all students on the class list of returnees requesting a device name for our files in order to receive the new password.

For new students:

We require the college to send us a class list of new students for each semester as well as update us on add/drops. We email all students on the class list requesting a device name for our files. If a college is using our online store and not being invoiced, a student must complete their access purchase to receive their login credentials.

The access sheet given to each student with login credentials indicates: *Citrix passwords change on September 1, January 1, and May 1. Please send your device name to receive the new password.

There is unlimited training provided for faculty in any year of membership.

We would give a refund if the student dropped the course and planned not to return to the college in that program area or there was a special circumstance and it was later into the semester, but they were going to be unsuccessful and not returning. If the student plans to return to the same program area in the future, a refund is optional as they can gain access again when next enrolled because access doesn’t expire.

Yes. Choice Learning will need to know if a student is no longer enrolled so they can be inactivated for security purposes as well as confirmed as an addition to your college and granted access to your college’s software environment if added.

We have email support that is provided Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST. There is telephone and screensharing support that can be provided if escalation is deemed required.

The IT team would use the Choice Learning instruction document and/or video to download Citrix on any of the college computers in the classrooms or common areas you would like students to be able to access the Accuro EMR software. This is because students don’t have permissions associated with their logins to enable the download.

Setting up a one-on-one call to discuss your program needs is the first step.

Next a document will be provided outlining what Choice Learning will be providing to your college. When this is signed by the signing authorities, you will be ready to get started.

A patient list is provided for each student that ensures unique last names and health card numbers for each patient on each list.

We do not set up test accounts for previewing, but do have downloads available for preview here: OHIP billing session Workbook review copy Patient lists: Alberta Ontario
  • Full Name
  • Student Number
  • College Email Address
  • Class Section
  • Class Schedule (Day/Time)
  • Class Instructor

Skill Assessment

Our grading system is revolutionary and 15-years strong allowing industry EMR to be used in a classroom setting.  Having students set up as providers with specific permissions allows them to utilize our copywritten patient lists to do our specialized assignments for grading. Their assignment view is guarded from other student’s view, but not from instructors. The assignments are created the same, with unique modifiers for doing assignments in a shared database. Ask us how or for a demo. Find all answer keys and how to mark instructional documents and videos on Moodle and get assisted by our instructional team as well as access other instructors for key performance outcome assurance.

EMR Accelerator FAQ's

For the Accuro self-led course, a certificate of completion is granted.

The Accuro software license if valid for 1 year. There is an option for an extension should you need it.

Our learning content in Moodle is available for lifetime access. This includes all future course content updates. 

Our self-directed Accuro EMR accelerator is priced at $495. You can view the course details here.

We have email support that is provided 7 days per week during the day and evenings (no overnight support). There is telephone and screensharing support that can be provided if escalation is deemed required.

You can find the specific details here:

For Accuro:


You do not need access to a printer or fax machine.


All access is cloud-based and available online.

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