Nursing EMR Accelerator

All Choice Learning Simulations include Managed Software.

Nursing EMR Accelerator Training Topics

  • Charting SOAP notes​
  • Virtual charts ​
  • Medications​
  • Creating requisitions​
  • Uploading the nursing care plan ​
  • Electronic documentation​
  • Using tasks and messaging to communicate with the physician and other team members​
  • Encounter notes, documenting physical assessment, and history taking

Learning Tools

  • Convert forms to referral and consult letters​​
  • Trend patient labs and vitals​​
  • Medical document handling
  • Take advantage of the Accuro library of existing medical forms, or create, digitize, and edit your own

Example 1: Charting Physical Assessments and Creating Requisitions

Example 2: Creating a Nursing Care Plan

Example 3: History Taking, Medication, and Immunization Record Keeping

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