“Choice Learning staff are always quick to respond to my concerns/questions and have always resolved my inquiries in friendly, respectful, and professional manner.

Choice Learning staff were approachable, friendly, and supportive, to both instructors and students during our Accuro and Choice Learning sandbox course experience. Definitely a five-star, user-friendly program.”

Jeannie Tighe

Professor, Office Administration Health Services

St. Lawrence College – Brockville Campus

“Your program is so helpful to the students, and I have loved simulating real life scenarios for my students utilizing it. It was great to work with you during my first two semesters teaching.”

Juanita DeCastro
Professor, Office Administration-Health Services
George Brown College

“I just wanted to say what great work you guys are doing and how excited I am about Jane coming to Choice!”

Amanda Bowdridge
Instructor, Health Administrative Studies
Bow Valley College

“You are making great leaps with the software use to promote experiential learning that is relevant to students and promotes the necessary skills to apply the flow of patient information within a clinical office environment.”

Cindy Agnoletto
Coordinator/Professor, Office Administration Programs 
Niagara College

“The resources and support for this software are amazing!! I am so thankful for your help and support.”

Kayla Carnegie
Professor, Office Administration Health Services
St. Clair College

“Thank you, Laura. It’s always such a pleasure to work with you.”

Stacy Watson
Professor, School of Business
St. Lawrence College – Kingston Campus

“Our Spring/Summer students really enjoyed using Accuro. I am really happy we are able to offer this software experience to our students. Laura, I cannot thank you enough for all your help this term. I look forward to working with you going forward.”

Linda Strickland-Short
Professor and Acting Program Coordinator, Office Administration-Health Services
Seneca College

“You have things set up very well, and the instructor has commented on how supportive your team has been. So thank you very much!”

Shannan Hurlbut
Program Administrator
Medicine Hat College


“The support received was timely and excellent. Also, the learning material was easy to understand.”

Marinelly Villalobos

“I landed the first job I interviewed for and I’m confident it was due to the EMR training I received in college.”

Keisha Gibson

“Best app I have seen in my all over studies.”

Anjali Anjali

“Excellent training software.”

Doriann Robinson

“Fantastic experience.”

Amardeep Singh

“My experience using Choice Learning was brilliant. I loved billing and adding patients. This
helped prepare me for my future.”

Harman Badhan

“I think being able to use the software before going out in the real world has given me confidence and knowledge that I was able to use dental software easily because I was familiar with Accuro. Registering patients, filling out information, and filing claims are not easy tasks for a person to do for the very first time. If you have not completed training, the employer feels that he or she has to do a lot of training for new employees. “

Savneet Kaur

“The course was easy to follow. I learned the functions of a medical office administrator through hands-on experience.

The training met my expectations. I would recommend this training to a friend or colleague.”

Maya Walters

Online Accuro Self-led course taker

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