Our Roadmap

Choice EMR Learning has been revolutionizing college simulation training programs with cutting-edge digital health technologies for 15 years. Our primary objective is to assist as many students as possible in securing meaningful employment after graduation. By working together, we can build a strong healthcare workforce that offers students unparalleled opportunities to excel in their educational path. We aim to equip them with job-ready skills and experience to enrich their resumes and succeed in their future endeavours.

We have simplified EMR integration to make it easier for you to offer an EMR to your students. Our LMS can be linked to independent platforms, allowing you to choose what to include in your program.

Vision Statement

Industry software is not built for education. We provide the resources for college instructors to be the best at training and evaluating student comprehension and preparation for real-world use.

Core Values

Expertise – We know, use, and teach the course content we create.

Service – We always give our clients a best-in-class experience where everyone is treated fairly and equally and receives the attention they deserve.

Innovate – We keep current on industry news, vendor updates, and client feedback to bring into our course content for continuous improvement.

Accountability – We own the decisions made and their outcomes.

Alliance – We have built strong partnerships with vendors, education institutes, and students.

Brand Promise

Partnership with our college clients to provide the necessary resources to run hands-on, industry-leading experiential EMR courses without issues from start to finish.

Mission Statement

Deliver the best simulation training content and support using the latest health technologies, giving students the hands-on experience needed to build a confident generation of healthcare professionals to alleviate the healthcare staffing crisis.

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