Accuro is subscription-based and is $195.00 per student.

Jane is subscription-based and is $95.00 per student.

A patient list is provided for each student that ensures unique last names and health card numbers for each patient on each list.

For the Accuro self-led course, a certificate of completion is granted.

For the Jane self-led course, confirmation of enrollment is provided.

We have email support that is provided 7 days per week during the day and evenings (no overnight support). There is telephone and screensharing support that can be provided if escalation is deemed required.

There is unlimited training provided for faculty in any year of membership.

Setting up a one-on-one call to discuss your program needs is the first step.

Next a document will be provided outlining what Choice Learning will be providing to your college. When this is signed by the signing authorities, you will be ready to get started.

We would give a refund if the student dropped the course and planned not to return to the college in that program area or there was a special circumstance and it was later into the semester, but they were going to be unsuccessful and not returning. If the student plans to return to the same program area in the future, a refund is optional as they can gain access again when next enrolled because access doesn’t expire.

  • Full Name
  • Student Number
  • College Email Address
  • Class Section
  • Class Schedule (Day/Time)
  • Class Instructor

Yes. Choice Learning will need to know if a student is no longer enrolled so they can be inactivated for security purposes as well as confirmed as an addition to your college and granted access to your college’s software environment if added.

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